In the rural areas…
A pregnant woman is mostly taken to test ,
A boy or a girl that needs to be checked.
Congratulations, good news for the mother,
it’s a baby princess in her stomach.

The family disowns her, calls for an abortion,
The innocent mother undergoes depression.
If the girl takes birth ,
She is killed by this evil world.

If the girl manages to survive,
She is not educated, this is what she is deprived
If the girl some how get’s a chance to complete her schooling,
She is married to the one who is mostly abusing.

Domestic violence is what she will face
Putting out her demands is never in the race.
Demand for dowry is the only case,
What else is left for her to face?

And In the urban areas….

A girl is given birth ,
She is educated first.
She stands on her feet,
She starts earning to feed.

Do you think it’s so easy?
Facing discrimination makes her queasy
Separate schools and female coach,
This is what she undergoes.

Why can’t a man teach?
Why can’t she sit with the boys to get preached.
Giving everything is not just her need ,
She demands equality, that’s her only need.

Overnight school picnic and adventure rides,
Attending College fests are also her basic rights.
If she gets this freedom to enjoy,
People often says she is spoilt.

She is again deprived,
Asking her parents, why me every time?
Parents often tell her the nirbhaya story,
Is this what is all her glory?

If a girl tries to fly, people rape her with their eyes,
Her dreams shattered, she is broken twice.
We often claim girls are equal to boys,
Then why she is played like a toy?

You can’t wear these shorts
it’s too short.
You can’t go to that party,
You are too young for that party.

You will not travel there all alone,
You will not have any social media accounts of your own.
You will not do this and you will not do that,
This is what we very often have.

So ,I ask you all a question,
Why do boys have no restrictions?
Are they ever deprived of their freedom?
I really hope this fight for equality gains some momentum…


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