A- A for apple B for ball , let’s change this thought.
B- Be careful 2020 brings you to a dreadnought.
C- Come on let’s describe 2020 in short.
D- Draining negatively was our only thought.
E- Ending up locked inside our home.
F- From 22nd March we all are stuck like a honey bee to it’s honeycomb.
G- God! what’s happening around us can you just stop?
H- Hey my child ! it’s just a return gift of the damages you all drop.
I- Imagine yourself alone here!!!
J- Jokes!! I like but this one I can’t bear.
K- Kneel down it’s an earthquake quake.
L- Locust on the way , let’s pray for all to be safe.
M- Man kind was again put to test.
N- No man ! Don’t put that elephant to a permanent rest.
O- Oh god what’s next?
P- Please forgive us this is too complex.
Q- Quiet! Amphan cyclone is on the way.
R- Remember to stay away from the bay.
S- Sushant Singh Rajput left his place.
T- Television world also showed it’s black face.
U- Ugliest phase is yet to be faced.
V- Vulnerability is in the race.
W- Wow! Is this our home?
X- X ray your thoughts about this globe.
Y- Your man kind needs to be alive again.
Z- Zoomout this crap and live again.


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