Locked and blocked in our house,
Don’t know where to smouse.
Our lock down is on a new update,
Feels like Modi Ji is treating us like a Pubg game.

We have zones here , hotspot is the new zone ,
Bombs of corona falling like a broken drone.
Police outside the house waiting for the enemies to shoot down,
We as citizens let’s not go out.

Be careful corana is the common enemy,
Let’s fight together to have a safe destiny.
Moving out at our own risk ,
Widening the play zone makes corona brisk.

As time passes let’s end the game ,
Match is already in a drastic flame.
We indians fought it in a different way ,
Let’s pray for Corona to go away.

Corona had many adverse effects,
Let’s just check the best effects.
Families started spending time together,
Making dads realise the house hold work of mothers.

Everyone’s wish came true,
Humans got that hibernation time too.
No exams and direct promotion,
Students are u happy with this depressing promotion?

Summer vacation of more than 3 months,
No homework only some fun .
Late night movie or video games,
Let’s make it a daily change.

Getting up on our own time ,
No one to disturb,no one to tell it’s study time.
Playing ludo till 12 o clock,
Making us explore every corner of the house.

Work from home was the only request,
Employees are u blessed?
Eating, cooking is all we want,
This list doesn’t stop .

Let’s unite together and follow the lock down,
Want the lifestyle to resume now.
The pause button has been pressed for so long,
Let’s undo our actions, the life is still too long.


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