A glass of water is enough to start a fight,
I know it’s just not so right.
Younger’s are taught to listen to elders,
though they treat us as their youngers.

Mom gives them work to do ,
yet it’s indirectly for us to do.
Blackmailing is their official right,
though we can’t do anything it’s sometimes important to hide.

The word didi comes out when they are in a fight.
And time when we can take that as pride.
Irritating on little things is what they know,
but their unconditional love is all that we owe.

No matter how much we actually fight,
In front of others they are our warrior of pride.
They come to us with an innocent face,
it’s that time when they want us to undo their mistakes.

Fights for maggi is something that we all owe ,
though our stomach is never full until we eat it from each other’s bowl.
We don’t sleep until we discuss each and every thing of the day .
It’s that time when we can’t just stay away.


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